Fits Like a Glove

When I was young all I wanted to do were mainly these: Finish school. Be debt free. Get married. Travel. Change the world. Love God. (not in that order)….now in the near future, I’ve found an opportunity that, I would like to say, “fits like a glove”.


Update 3: Fon’s story

I’d like to tell you a story about the catalyst of my interest with missions in the medical field. It all starts out with a friendship I had with a girl who was infected with HIV/AIDS at birth. This story is her story as much as it is mine.

Update 1: Quick facts

Quick facts about what I will be doing: On January 2017 I will be volunteering with Home of the Open Heart/Hospice Center, to serve as a bilingual nurse. I will be caring for Thai patients affected with HIV/AIDS and training local Thai staff in Hospice care.