As I’m in my 20’s

  1. Trustworthy mechanics are golden. …When you find one, stay faithful.
  1. Keeping house is a full time job…and yes, you can suck at it and some people should get fired.img_9225
  1. Laundry is never ending.
  1. It’s cool to pay bills on time…and you will have to pay at least 3 of them: Utilities, rent and internet
  1. It’s cool to reply back…The most “adult” thing you can do is to answer your emails and texts in a timely manner. It makes a difference.
  1. No one’s going to make you get up and go to work.….Your mom’s not there to tell you to get up and get dressed, and it’s up to you to make sure your alarm is set and that you’re not too hung over to make it to work. You can choose to go or not but you will suffer the consequences of a “no call, no show”.
  1. You decide on your own if you want to go to church or not…and to make your faith your own…or not.fullsizeoutput_1274
  1. It’s up to you to eat up the things in your fridge.…and its also up to you to deal with the growing mold in your fridge if you don’t. It’s also up to you to stock your fridge, otherwise you are left with very few options.
  1. Community is hard…You have friends for different parts of your life and your groups of friends might never intersect.
  1. Life is compartmentalized …even though your heart is broken and you’ve cried so much, you still have to get up and go to the grocery store because you’re out of toilet paper. Life goes on..
  1. You begin to form your own values and it might be different from your parents’.…for example, you’ve been raised Republican, but their presidential candidate sucks and you want to vote Democratic because they maybe less crazy, but then you realize there’s a third party candidate who no one’s heard about….
  1. Your parents have separate lives without you.…unless you have helicopter parents, you find that your parents don’t call you all the time. And when you finally talk to them, you find that they may have gone and planned a vacation without you, or that they are in another country for “work”, or that they were in the hospital recently for their health. Just the same way you do many things without “checking in” with your parents, your parents also do the same.
  1. You begin to write more…or at least get the urge to write. Your 20s give you more experiences and you feel the constant need to write these down.
  1. You find more opportunities to say “Thank You”.img_9405
  1. You start to ponder what it would be like to be “forever alone”.
  1. You start to plan on whose basement you’ll live in…and what animal you’ll be “crazy” about in the future if you do end up alone.fullsizeoutput_1273
  1. You realize that you are not alone.…and you call up those friends who’ve stuck around all this time
  1. You begin to really enjoy the body you have, exactly the way it is.
  1. You understand what makes you angry, happy and sad.
  1. You begin to prioritize your relationship with wine.…after all it’ll be the longest relationship you’ll have

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