Fits Like a Glove

I have projects.

When I was young all I wanted to do were mainly these: Finish school. Be debt free. Get married. Travel. Change the world. Love God. (not in that order)

I’ve been able to do all that (except for the get married part). So now, here am I with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Registered Nurse. I’ve traveled around South East Asia and tried to figure out my place in this world. Now in the near future, I’ve found an opportunity that, I would like to say, “fits like a glove”. It’s an opportunity to practice my nursing skills in Northern Thailand with a population infected with the disease HIV/AIDS.

It fits like a glove because:

  • I grew up in Norther Thailand.
  • I can speak the language.
  • This infectious disease and the population  affected is an interest of mine.
  • Serving others helps me to Love God
  • I can be part of changing the world

I will be partnering with a non-profit organization called Home of the Open Heart. They recently opened a hospice center and asked nurses trained overseas to volunteer with them. Volunteering for them has been a project of mine that started back in 2016. I hope to start in 2017. I’m always happy to encourage individuals, churches, organizations to read about and partner with me in this project.



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