Update 3: Fon’s story

I’d like to tell you a story about the catalyst of my interest with missions in the medical field. It all starts out with a friendship I had with a girl who was infected with HIV/AIDS at birth.

This story is her story as much as it is mine.

Fon’s Story

“Mom what’s AIDS?” a little girl asked.

“Well…it’s a disease, honey,” was the reply.

“The girls say that Fon has it and that I shouldn’t play with her. Let’s give her medicine so she can get better and I can play with her again!” said the little girl.

“Fon’s situation can only be helped by taking her to the hospital,” answered the mom uneasy about her daughter’s reply to this.

The girl was silent but inside her heart questioned, “Then how can I help her?”

This little girl was me. When I was ten years old I befriended a girl who was an outcast in a village where my parents worked in missions and community development. Fon’s parents both had AIDS and she was infected at birth. I continued to be Fon’s friend even after I found out she had AIDS. The memory of her face has influenced my decision to pursue nursing with an aim to serve in Asia.

Living among the tribal groups of Thailand has exposed me to the medical needs of people in rural areas. It wasn’t just Fon who needed help but many villagers suffered from all kinds of illnesses. Fon is one of many I personally knew who needed medical attention. She died almost ten years ago when she was only 15 years old. At an early age I saw that being in the medical field opened up so many opportunities to help and comfort those in pain. Now, ten years later, I am faced with the opportunity to respond to this calling that God’s put in my heart.

Thank you for being a part of it!

Contact me: mbangcong26@gmail.com

To learn more visit: Home of the Open Heart


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