A Motto & A Ted Talk

“Life dedicated to adventure”….

That motto, spread across the website’s homepage, sold me in my decision to quit my job, move to a new country, take a pay cut and live the “dirt bag life” to work for Asia Outdoors.

Asia Outdoors, is dedicated to exploring new adventures and in helping others find and fulfill their own adventures. They just happen to be in one area of the world where I visited previously: Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam. This company exemplifies their beliefs by supplying tours involving adventures in areas “off the beaten track”.

Photo credit: Asia Outdoors stock, taken by Luca De Giorgi

They don’t go to the famous and popular areas, though they may get more customers that way; but simply because they care more about experiencing the quiet serenity of a part of the world where few tourists go. Their motto spoke to me long before I realized that it was my heart’s calling – to seek out adventure. All I knew was that I was young, (semi) wild and free. And oh, I also liked rock climbing and wanted to visit Vietnam.

Photo Credit: Daniel Hernandez

Asia Outdoors is the leading rock climbing outfitter in northern Vietnam. Much of crag development, bolting, route maintenance and exploration begin with climbers from Asia Outdoors. As of now, their goal is to continue developing climbing areas and community in Vietnam.  So of course, when I typed it in on Google: “Rock climbing in Vietnam” Asia Outdoors’ website popped up first.

Photo Credit: Asia Outdoors stock, DWS expedition


Their website’s professionalism gave me a positive first impression during my initial research. It was modern and up to date with an overall design themed to give the “adventurous” aura: of a world of possibilities in exploring the unknown for glimpses of beauty and amazing natural wonders with just a click of a button. In other words, it’s a pretty good website and convinced me that I’d like to do business with them.

Needless to say in my circumstance with Asia Outdoors, Ted Talk speaker Simon Sinek, was right in his theory of “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” (Ted Talk, Sept. 2009).

He states that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

And that “the goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”
Asia Outdoors exemplifies this theory, as it is a company that inspires not just its customers but also its employees. Asia Outdoors believes in the calling within the human heart, to explore and adventure. Its tours are simply the incarnation of that belief.

Photo Credit: Caroline La Fond

When I was a customer with Asia Outdoors I wanted an adventure, I wanted to climb and to experience something new. They did not disappoint. Not only did I participate in adventurous activities, but I explored an area of the world new to me and to most travelers. I also met new people who also craved exploration and wonder. This company brought like minded people together from all over the world, meeting them was an adventure in itself.

Photo Credit: Carline La Fond

Now, as a guide for Asia Outdoors, when I sell a trip to a customer I can’t help but explain to them that it will be “off the beaten track”- away from conveyor belt sight-seeing, massly populated tourist attraction and overwhelming selfie-stick sessions. I’ve never had any customer ever be turned off because of this. In fact, they couldn’t agree more with me that this is the reason they came to Asia Outdoors to book their trip. Most customers do not come to Asia Outdoors because they simply need just a kayak trip or a rock climbing trip, they come because they believe in what we believe in – a life dedicated to adventure.

Photo Credit: Asia Outdoors stock, taken by Dan Scott

To check out Asia Outdoors follow this link: asiaoutdoors.com.vn

To hear Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” follow this link: How Great Leaders Inspire Action


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