What caused the Grand Canyon?

Was it the slow erosion and nonchalant dance of the river? – loligaging and fooling around, feeling here, taking there, going around and maybe through? Was it the same slithering shapelessness that now turns pebbles and carries sediments?

What parted the earth, baring it to the world? Could it have been this same deep and lazy river cutting through the earth’s skin and meat, exposing its layers and hiding its heart?

What was it?
Was it the slow slithering decay of prolonged existence?

Or, was it the result of more power, an intention, an outburst!? Was it the release of long endured and uprising energy that could no longer be contained? Was it pulled apart, pushed around, exposed and subjected to submission – then hardened to a resolve? Was it violent?  Was it painful?

Was it worth it?

oh for such grandeur….what caused it?



I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit the grand canyon with my family this past spring. We went to the North Rim and caught the sunrise. It was always on my bucket list to go see it but now that I have, I’m hooked. Spending a day there was not enough, it’s one of those places you can spend days at getting absorbed in either exploring it or simply admiring it in silence.

Alongside the beauty of nature, what competed against it was the joy I felt in spending time with my extended family during our short little reunion. We drove from Las Vegas to the North Rim in two mini vans, one van had the aunts and uncles and the other van – the cousins. It was quite an adventure – driving there, spending the night in a shady motel, hardly getting any sleep, laughing so hard, listening to music, talking about life, and sharing this part of life together before we parted ways again. I believe the grandeur of the canyon lies not only in its view but within the sojourners’ stories that bring them together to stand at its edge, looking out, pausing life and experiencing a moment in time that will eventually become just another story before they move on to the next..


The cousins, taking one final shot before leaving the national park.
Sunrise with such grandeur





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